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A leading evangelical church in the nation for over a century, First Baptist Dallas has given platform to a new worship team of musicians and songwriters known as Day One Worship. Day One Worship members include Kaleb Moore, Erin Wilson, Elyse Hutchinson, Steve Morgan, Paul Pineda, Harrison Hays, and Danny Hinojosa.

Engaging worship.
Bold, biblical teaching.
An intimate atmosphere.
That’s Day One. 

Often you can replay your life and focus on one moment that changed the entire trajectory of your journey — that one-time “chance” meeting, an event full of celebration, or possibly a moment of crisis or despair. Whatever your “Day One” may be, it symbolizes a turning point where God interrupts your plan and by His providence charts a new course that crafts you more and more into His image. The idea behind Day One reminds us everything begins with God. Regardless of past challenges or successes, you can have a fresh start and make today a brand new day.

Come and worship with us Sundays at 10:50a in the historic Sanctuary at First Baptist Dallas.

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